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Tamper evident labels

Your tamper-evident labels for a bag will arrive on a roll for you. They are available in rolls of 250 labels, and a case will hold 4 rolls. The label for a pizza box is available in rolls of 1,000 labels, with a case holding 8 rolls.

To activate and add a sense of security – simply peel a label off of the roll, and place it over the fold/opening of your bag or pizza box.

tamper evident label roll

Labels are shown on roll | Applying a label to your bag or box

tamper evident pizza box

If the bag or box arrives to the customer (as shown in the far left photos below) fully intact, the customer can trust that it was not opened after purchase.

security labels on bags

Label shown fully intact | Bag & box being opened | Label ripped

pizza boxes

This adds a sense of security. If the bag, box, or its contents has been tampered with, after it has been packaged, the customer will be notified by the tamper-evident label (shown in the far right photos above). The label will be ripped and will leave pieces stuck to the bag or box. Since it is impossible to put the label back together because it comes apart when tampered with, trust & security are ensured!

Below is an example of a generic tamper-evident label.

This generic version is for sale, or you can customize your label with your logo and/or branding.


Labels for Bags

Labels for Pizza Boxes

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