Should You be A/B Label Testing?

Should You be A/B Label Testing?

A/B testing is a marketing technique where two versions of the same concept run for small test groups to collect data before making a final decision. Usually, these tests help with e-blasts and websites to see which version got the most opens. Does this technique have value with your packaging?


When Not to Conduct A/B Testing

Since testing is a marketing strategy, it may not work for pharmaceutical labels or any other label that impacts customers’ health. Do not run A/B testing on required copy because, well, it’s required. Instead, larger font sizes or types are a way that labels could play with enhancing the design for customer satisfaction. If the changes only make the package more accessible, it’s worth trying.


How This Technique Can Work For You

digitally printed wine labels by Great Lakes Label - a/b testing

Above are two R&D labels printed for a trade show. These act as a great example of how A/B testing could work. As you can see, the copy remains the same on both labels, except for the name of the product. The color and image convey the same message but are different enough to impact the sale. If you were to run a small batch of both labels and put them up on opposite ends of your vineyard store, data would prove to you which design sells better.

Not Only For Graphics & Copy

This technique can also work with stock and adhesive. Trying to decide between glossy and matte? Weighing durability over a label that’s easy to remove and reseal? Test all options and let the data inform your decision. Instead of going into product development using assumption and personal taste, go into it with customer backed information.


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