Should You Create Your Own Label Art?

Should You Create Your Own Label Art?

Chances are that if you’re a small business, you may be looking for low-cost labeling solutions. Cutting corners on label art means you don’t have to hire someone else to do it. It makes sense, but unless you have a background in art, it’s not advised.

Stock Images

When sorting through stock images, it can feel overwhelming to find something that you have permission to use. Instead of Googling images and hoping for the best, use this list of free stock photo websites. The images are free and high quality. It’s win-win! Adobe Stock Image even allows you to download ten free images with a thirty-day trial.

If you’re searching for something that looks like it was created by hand, check out this website, Vecteezy. Vectors are provided which can be broken apart and customized in Adobe Illustrator. Freepick is another website that allows you to download high-quality hand drawn images.

If you don’t draw or don’t have the proper photography equipment, there’s no excuse. There are so many online resources that will save you money on art and also provide you with competitive art. Your packaging is your first impression with customers. Make it a good one.


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Original Label Art

Let’s say you have the talent and the equipment to create your own label art. Here’s what you need to know before submitting your files to us for production. These tips are ideal to understand before you go ahead with the graphic design stage.

All images must be 300dpi (dots per inch) and all files submitted must be Adobe Illustrator files. This is an industry standard. If you don’t already have it, get it.

Consider the face of your product. The full image should be seen when looking at it straight on. Having a title that curves around a beer label, for example, will only confuse customers. They won’t be able to read the product’s name! If you have the packaging on hand, take measurements of the face and use that in your design.

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Incorporating Labeling Techniques

Always consider techniques such as foiling, cast & cure, or embossing. Even if you don’t plan on incorporating them now, consider how they could be added to the label to draw customers’ eyes later on. As the business grows, or if there is a significant change in sales, this tactic can be used to regain a competitive edge.

When designing the label, call out what techniques you want and where. By providing specificity, you not only communicate clearly, but you make production move faster. If you’re looking for more tips on creating a smooth production process, check out this blog on avoiding labeling mistakes.


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