Cold Foil Technique – #TechniqueTuesday

Cold foil is a great labeling technique for you to use if you are looking to draw attention to your product.

This technique involves using a standard printing plate to print an image onto a substrate. First, a UV curable cold foil adhesive is applied and cured by the Ultraviolet dryer so that it becomes tacky. Next, the foil sticks to this tacky adhesive and an image is created, as the foil sticks to the area(s) with adhesive (The image/writing, etc.) and the rest is pulled away. The end result is your labeling having its image, wording, etc in bright, metallic foil showcased.

Cold foil technique, cold, foil, technique

This technique is known for being most popular with health & beauty or cosmetic products, due to their smooth stocks. It adds a nice and luxurious look to wine, spirits and beer labels as well!

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