During the past couple of months, the entire world has experienced different circumstances than usual. The Pandemic, COVID-19, has affected everyone, especially businesses & the economy. It is truly a time where the community needs to come together!

As of May 2020, the national unemployment rate in the United States was at 14.7% – the worst since the Depression-era. In February this year, it was only at 3.5%.

mask on at work - COVID-19

Hospitals & businesses have been short on PPE (personal protective equipment) since the beginning of this, and many businesses saw this as an opportunity to help out if they could. Many breweries & distilleries began making hand sanitizer, car companies changed their operations – building ventilators instead of cars, and so on!

See a few examples of how various companies are helping their community during this time:

community businesses Meijer and new holland brewing

These two companies teamed up to create & distribute hand sanitizer, not for resale. They donated them to their workers & hospitals around.

Avery Dennison logo

Avery Dennison manufactured & donated 500,000 face shields to hospitals nationwide. They wanted to help with the shortage of PPE for medical professionals.

community business spartan Nash

Spartan Nash created, internal use only, hand sanitizer that they disbursed them to their pharmacies, truck drivers, in-store workers, & more! We donated 10,000 labels to help them out.

UPM Raflatac logo

At their Scarborough, UK location, UPM Raflatac established a free, prepared food service for their employees. They did so to help ease the financial, mental, & physical stress from this time. They also began a collection box for those who wanted to donate money to local food banks.

community, local businesses, gm and ford

These main car manufacturing companies have been making ventilators to help ensure that there is not a shortage of them. They are working with healthcare companies such as Medtronic & GE Healthcare.

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