This week’s #Technique focuses on the use of color, and how important it’s consistency is on your labels & packaging.

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of brand integrity & for your label to have. We understand how important the color on your labels is in helping to keep that consistency and brand recognition high. Whether your label is using four-color process (CMYK), or you need a specific spot color/Pantone color, we can help!

pantone color consistency

At Great Lakes Label, we have color management & color-matching technology to ensure the best color on your labels!

We use the most up-to-date, superior technology & equipment to eliminate color mistakes and maintain consistency in matching your brand’s color. We use an X-Rite Spectrophotometer & software for automated color readings, leaving no room for human error. To ensure every run is uniform, we set the standards based on Pantone or your custom color.

Photospetrometer color consistency & management

Another tool we use is a Graphiclite light booth to identify color inconsistencies or errors on your label. This ensures that the finished product is at the highest of quality.

Benefits of strong use of color management & color in your labels:

  • Drive consistent color throughout your packaging supply chain
  • Capture the true color & communicate clearly to design & production
  • Color consistency strengthens your brand image
  • Use of good color draws positive attention to your labels & product
See how each jug has a different color for flavor, but the branding & logo colors match exactly, making it recognizable.

Want to learn more Color & Color-Matching? Check out our FAQ’s here!

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