Download Our New Inks & Coatings E-Book!

Download Our New Inks & Coatings E-Book!

Inks and coatings are crucial elements to any label design. They also can often be an overlooked part of the design process. Luckily, we recently released a new e-book which explains all ink and coating techniques Great Lakes Label offers.

This guide includes information on the following:

  • Differences between solvent-based ink and water-based ink
  • UV Ink
  • LED curing systems
  • Varnishes
  • Coatings & Sealants
  • Deadeners & Release Coatings

Great Lakes The Resource Guide To All Things Inks & Coatings

How To Use This Information on Inks in Your Next Label Design

The information contained in this e-book will help you understand what makes a resealable label, a label tab, some innovative labeling designs and more. The next time you go to design a label, you’ll be armed with more information to create a design that truly delights customers. Whether that be a fresh product, a haptic packaging experience, or quality color that doesn’t fade.


Learn even more about the labeling solutions Great Lakes Label offers.  We even offer a variety of inks and coatings that create a label that excites customers. Download our e-book, The Resource Guide To All Things Inks & Coatings.

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