Get Inspired: Doodles in Labeling Design

Get Inspired: Doodles in Labeling Design

Doodles are major a labeling design trend for 2018. The messy, free, authentic aesthetic says a lot about a product or a brand. What are you conveying with your packaging? For handcrafted and unique product, doodles stand out. Get inspired by these label art concepts.

5 Point Art Supply Doodles Designed by Ryan Bosse 
5 Point by Ryan Bosse

5 Point Art Supply Doodles Packaging Designed by Ryan Bosse

Obviously, as an art product, the colorless scheme is designed to attract artists. The incomplete nature also evokes a sense of creation. Anything is still possible. If colored in, every person takes it in a different direction. Gives the design a different mood. So, it attracts the ideal demographic in the grocery aisle.


Inzersdorfer Label Designed by Michael Nagy 
Inzersdorfer by Michael Nagy

Inzersdorfer Label Designed by Michael Nagy

The rougher nature of this design mirrors the raw, natural ingredients inside the can. You can tell there’s a simplicity with the product. So, when a customer picks up a can, they understand the product in seconds. Even the paper label stock provides a natural, vintage touch. The vintage style font also works well with the design.


Un Peu Beer Bottle Label Designed by Sanyukta Kothari 
Un Peu Beer by Sanyukta Kothari


Un Peu Beer Bottle Label Designed by Sanyukta Kothari

Unlike the raw messiness of the previous doodles, this design is clean and tidy. So, as I’m sure you’ll guess, it reflects the product and the demographic. The beer is a rich, sweet vanilla and caramel drink that isn’t one to be guzzled. Customers savor this beer. It’s also no surprise that the label design is one that’s free-flowing but also carefully drawn. The intricacy isn’t scribbled down. The lines and color scheme are carefully decided to compliment the bottle, the copy and the product itself.



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