Get Inspired: Earth Day Label Designs

Get Inspired: Earth Day Label Designs

Earth Day is coming up, so spend some time to focus on environmental design. This means both incorporating natural motifs into the art, as well as using sustainable materials. No matter what industry you’re designing for, create impactful packaging.

VoTree Label Designed by Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya
VoTree by Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya

VoTree Oil Label Designed by Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya

These watercolor designs, influence gentle, feminine lines into the rough, natural motifs. The transparent labels allow the colorful oil to shine through and create a vibrant background for the art. The open nature of the design makes it so that the branches stand out. Even the complimentary fonts emphasize the clean lines of the twigs.


Moritz Beer Label Designed by Charlie Bailey
Moritz by Charlie Bailey

Moritz Beer Label Designed by Charlie Bailey

Mountaintops and paddles adorn this outdoorsy label. The fact that the green of the label compliments the green bottle makes the cohesive look pop off the shelf. A 30% recycled paper stock would be a fantastic option for creating a luxury craft beer texture.

Bailey’s concept was to create a beer for summertime enjoyment. This shines through with the choice of environmental symbols and color scheme. By using sustainable materials, these elements would also help to further emphasize the product as a green choice for customers. When designing your own label, consider the subtleties of what how to re-enforce your brand values.


Haulm earth day plant label designed by Brenna Veenstra
Haulm by Brenna Veenstra

Haulm Earth Day Style Bean Label Designed by Brenna Veenstra

The goal of this packaging is to enjoy the product, but also find mental wellness in growing beans using the container provided. As the conversation of wasteful packaging grows, consider how customers re-use your own containers. Here, a water dissolvable label makes it easy for the customer to turn their product into a plant container for Earth Day.



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