Get Inspired: Travel in Label Designs

Get Inspired: Travel in Label Designs

It’s the season of travel. So, why not use travel to inspire your next label design? These designs either incorporate motifs of transportation or represent something about the traveling experience. Use real-life experiences to influence design for an authentic touch.

Rhum Agricole Designed by Cecilia Hedin
Rhum Agricole by Cecilia Hedin

Rhum Agricole Designed by Cecilia Hedin

With the anchor motif and coordinates being front and center, this label makes you want to set sail. The Carribean and pirate influences are also quite apparent in this label. The transparent stock only serves to enhance the effect. This is the type of simple label that lets the brand voice make a strong, authentic impression.


The Body Shop travel ticket Designed by Sam Stringer & Shaun Baldwin
The Body Shop concept by Sam Stringer & Shaun Baldwin

The Body Shop Travel Ticket Label Concept Designed by Sam Stringer & Shaun Baldwin

Again, the brand values take the focus in an innovative way. The tickets highlight the fact that The Body Shop prides itself on using fair trade ingredients. So, while each fragrance and logo is at the top, the eye is drawn to the global impact of the brand. It also transports the shopper to other lands while they smell the fragrance.

Mayv Scotch Whisky Designed by Brendan Wilson
Mayv by Brendan Wilson


Mayv Scotch Whisky Label Designed by Brendan Wilson

“The branding reflects a woman’s love for romance, adventure and all things precious – solid gold capped mountains of the Scottish Highlands.” Says Wilson. Not only does this brand attract it’s demographic with a sense of adventure, it also avoids cliches! Best yet, it uses gorgeous gold foiling on the snowy peaks of the mountain motif. You don’t often see travel and luxury paired together, but they do it so brilliantly for Mayv.


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