Get Inspired: Zodiac Label Design

Get Inspired: Zodiac Label Design

For many, as a new year begins, it’s time to look at the astrological forecast to see what 2018 has to offer. So, use the zodiac signs to design a new line of products, or reinvigorate a classic label with a new packaging twist. Those who connect with the practice will naturally gravitate to your idea of their perfect product. That said, there are three ways of approaching the label design task and catching customers’ attention.


Zodiac wine labels Designed by Andrew Herwig
Zodiac Wine Designed by Andrew Herwig

Literal Zodiac Design: Zodiac Wine Labels Designed by Andrew Herwig

Herwig’s concept uses the literal imagery and names of the zodiac signs. This strategy directly captures the attention of each sign and makes it easy for them to connect with their appropriate flavor. Adding personalization to wine like this makes the product much more social media shareable. Customers will want to share their opinion on the accuracy of the product as well as share images of them using it in their environment.

Naturally Sourced Teas Designed by Dawson Beggs
Naturally Sourced Teas Designed by Dawson Beggs

Zodiac Symbols: Naturally Sourced Teas Packaging Designed by Dawson Beggs

Each sign has its own symbol. These are motifs that draw the attention of each sign, similar to featuring the animal or zodiac name. These label designs aren’t making a reference to astrology. That said, the lines on the side of this bottle are reminiscent of Aquarius’ symbol. If your design uses minimalism, this is an opportunity to keep your simplistic style. To highlight the symbol or motif, use eye-catching labeling techniques such as the precise foiling technique, MiraFoil.

Betty Blonde Packaging by Holly Prince
Betty Blonde Packaging by Holly Prince

Interpretive Design: Betty Blonde Packaging Design By Holly Prince

A subtle and interpretive approach creates sophistication around the astrology theme. In this example, Prince’s use of color implies the Gemini duality. That said, this design was not created with the zodiac in mind. Imagine if these designs were each a side of the same bottle! The sign name could easily be included onto the label to make the simplicity crystal clear.


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