Keep Your Eyes on Indie Brands

Keep Your Eyes on Indie Brands

Big brands have a lot to learn from indie brands. There’s a level of creativity and play that isn’t often found in larger brands. Plus, it’s important to keep track of upcoming trends within your industry by looking at up and comers.

What do we mean by “indie brands?”

Indie is short for independent, so brands without parent companies are likely indie. However, indie tends to also mean small scale. So, local craft breweries, mom and pop shops, or new beauty brands all qualify. Keeping an eye on indie brands also help you keep an eye on your competition to better serve your customers.

The Investment in Quality Design and Innovative Techniques

Indie brands are much less afraid to mix up their designs and incorporate creative elements. So, they often highlight details with foiling or tactile techniques. The art tends to also have a more personal feel. It breathes life and humanity into a brand. This is even pretty crucial in customers building personal relationships with brands. Craft breweries (like the above Perrin examples) try out various fonts, styles and label stock textures. The brand is apparent, while experimentation also reigns.

A Focus on Customer Needs

A major aspect of indie brand label design is the clear focus on the customer. Again, the human touch makes the brand feel more approachable. However, on top of that, there tends to be more of a social media personality and hashtag inclusion on the label. While many big brands incorporate the online world into their packaging concept, smaller brands use it in ways that benefit the customers.

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