Supplementary Label Content Makes or Breaks Branding

Supplementary Label Content Makes or Breaks Branding

Supplementary label content is any content shared on the label which engages customers. It goes above and beyond the grocery aisle to create a personal connection and even offers value competitors don’t. As a result, adding bonus content to your label easily turns customers into loyal fans.

First and foremost, what even are the types of supplementary label content?

All content is linked right there on the label using hashtags, typed out links, labeling technology, and even simple QR codes.

  • Video content
    • Tutorials
    • Video blogs
    • Company profile
  • Web pages
    • Blogs on relevant topics
    • E-book, or instructional manual
    • Newsletter sign up page
  • Hashtags
    • Community sharing
    • Contests
    • Easy access to brand’s official social media pages


Quality is The Most Important Factor

Videos need high resolutions with high production quality, e-books need high-quality design, and yes, even the social media pages need a professional touch. Providing content is important, however, if that content undermines your brand and makes customers question your professionalism, take a step back. So, this doesn’t mean that content production needs to come to screeching halt, but it means your brand needs to slow down. Take the time to learn, or spend the money to hire the right person.


Ensure The Content is Meaningful, Not Just Self-Serving

Authenticity is crucial. So, don’t just link customers to your newsletter to capture their information. Afterall, what’s in it for them? Provide a newsletter so inspirational, entertaining, and informative that customers are missing out on added value if they don’t sign up. Or, if a video overview about the company doesn’t add value to the customer in any way, don’t use it. Instead, link to a video that shows customers how to use your product, or pair it with other products for added benefit.


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