3 Things to Immediately do About Your Labels

3 Things to Immediately do About Your Labels

Whether you’ve used your label design for years, or you have just started creating it, here are 3 things to immediately do about them. By making these changes, you will engage with customers on a deeper level, and most importantly, increase sales. Let’s go back to the drawing board and look at your designs with a fresh perspective.

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1. Go Above & Beyond To Help Customers

Your product exists to help customers, but go the extra mile to provide them with a product that makes their lives easier. There have been many smart packaging innovations, so don’t fall behind your competition. Update your label to create apps, videos, blogs and other content that enhances the customer experience. Go beyond the grocery aisle and find a way to engage once people take your product home.

2. Immediately Incorporate Techniques To Draw Attention

Innovative labeling techniques are the best way to create an eye-catching design. Take your already established label to the next level by foiling details like the title or background. If you haven’t started your design yet, bold techniques such as the holographic Cast & Cure are the way to go. When it comes to design, don’t play it safe. The bolder, the more unique, the better.

Techniques provide labels with a luxury look as well. This is important if your product is luxurious, or if you’re in an industry where luxury is king. The beauty industry is a good example of this. While your product may not be luxurious, keeping up with those big brands is important.

3. Use Labeling Technology To Your Advantage

Labeling technology is quickly developing into a game changer. Consider how it can be incorporated into your design to create clear communication at every step in the production and selling process. This will make it easier on the back end to create a quality product and meet shoppers’ demands. On the front end, provide customers with helpful information (see point 1).


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