Customer Spotlight: Prairie City Bakery

Customer Spotlight: Prairie City Bakery

Prairie City Bakery’s mission is to “wow” customers with simplified baking. It’s clear that everything they do is with the customer in mind, and providing them with a high quality, handcrafted-style product. They began with only muffin tops and now Prairie City Bakery offers more than 70 products. A fast-growing company.

Prairie City Bakery Cookie Label by Great Lakes Label 1

Prairie City Bakery Labels & Packaging Design

Although the product says super-sized, be aware, the image is not to scale. What’s lovely about the design is that the wavy edges create an imperfect, handcrafted look. It’s a lot like a cookie, don’t you think? The color scheme is bold which makes the product as a whole stand out. On top of that, the label also features a lot of information. It uses the small space it has to create a big impact.


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