Ice Them Out With Ice White Ink

Ice Them Out With Ice White Ink

Ice white is a UV ink offered by Great Lakes Label. As you can see by the below example, it creates a glazed, icy look that shines in the light. When used in label design features, like eyes, it is eerie and intense. Looking to create engaging eyes, a mysterious fog or a ghostly figure? Ice White brings it to life.

tiger with ice white eyes

Ice White For Any Industry

Luxury design is growing in every industry. It allows for growth in design as well. The more your competition pushes the boundaries of what you can do with a label, the more techniques become important.

Ice White allows for ghostly apparitions, often seen on beer labels. It creates life-like snowflakes often seen on the packaging of wine and spirits. It even creates a glowing eye for cosmetics labels.

Learn more about this technique here.


For more information on how the polar white technique and other labeling innovations can work for your brand, contact us today!

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