Do Industrial Labels Need Creative Design?

Do Industrial Labels Need Creative Design?

Industrial labels (in our books anyway) are simple text-based labels that go on goods with the intention to inform the customer, as well as commercial labels adhered to items that don’t often come in boxes, bottles or containers. So, do these labels need creative designs? Afterall, the market is different than most.

Rainx industrial labels - Great Lakes Label

Industrial Labels For Commercial Use

Rain-X is a fantastic example of a label that uses creativity on a product for industrial use. The vibrant colors, clear and impactful copy, as well as the simplicity, make it majorly eye-catching. The principles apply even if you don’t sell automotive products or require labels for containers.

Do you require a label for a washer and dryer set? Many products list the energy efficiency, rating, and/or environmental impact on the front or top of the machine. That’s all very important information, but how can you infuse more creativity into the label? Most brands do this with color like calming blue and green schemes.

Consider how you can go above and beyond your competition. Is that using models in your photography highlighting how the product has benefited their lives? Is it using powerful graphics illustrating how much water is saved? Or, maybe labeling technology links your customers to videos, blogs, and apps that continue enhancing their experience well past the point of purchase.


Industrial Labels For Non-Commercial Use

Is there room and purpose for creativity on labels meant to inform and keep customers safe? These are mostly text-only and safety symbol labels adhered to the product inside the packaging. Don’t compromise on regulations. Instead of updating those labels, consider other areas you can also adhere labels, providing useful information or link them to content. However, if the label isn’t in a prominent spot, it won’t prove useful. In this instance, simple is better.


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