Should You Double up on Labeling Technology For One Label?

Should You Double up on Labeling Technology For One Label?

One label often feels like it’s not enough space to contain all the required copy, eye-catching graphics, and innovative labeling techniques as it is. However, there’s a lot of value to using multiple forms of labeling technology to connect customers to valuable digital content. This technology includes NFC (Near Field Communication), QR codes, hashtags, and even simple URLs. It may seem as though there’s not enough space to include more than one form of connectivity, however, the value it offers your customers make the design effort worth it.


One Label - R&D Wine Brand With Labeling Technology - QR Code

When Only Using One Label, Cut The Fat & Optimize Authentic Connection

Take a good hard look at your design. QR codes, URLs, and hashtags don’t take up too much space. So, if you’re having difficulty finding room for two of those options, you are likely packing too much information and graphics into your design. Unless, of course, minimalism is your goal. In that case, find ways to blend the digital connections in with other copy. However, for those with busy design, it’s time to make space for the digital age.

Shenandoah double sided label - Great Lakes LabelPromotional Labels & Booklet-Style Labels Expand Content

Only have space for one label? Layer it up. By using peelable promotional labels, the digital content printed on the backside has the potential to be continuously updated. So, keep the cover the same, yet create seasonality with your packaging. Alternatively, booklet-style labels open up to reveal even more content space. This provides even more value for customers and engages their senses in a haptic marketing sense.

A/B Testing

Also, consider testing all designs to gauge which form of technological connection is best for your demographic. By creating several designs and testing with unbiased customers, you get an accurate picture of how to best design using the space available.


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