As promised in our last update blog, here is a current update on the latest trends & innovations within the industry!

Sustainability still seems to be one of the biggest areas of innovation for many companies, especially those creating new materials for packaging & labeling. Increased use of technology & the digital world is a popular current trend, as well.

See some of the latest industry trends & innovations:

new innovations - universal topcoat
  • Improved universal topcoat for all main PE & PP film products:
    • Launched by UPM Raflatac
    • This new topcoat, currently in the European market, allows a larger range of printing methods to be used with standard films.

new trends of tamper evident labels
  • An increase in the production & use of tamper-evident or tamper-proof labels:
    • During the latest pandemic, many businesses want to ensure safety for everyone – workers & consumers.
    • Many fast food chains & restaurants that offer take-out are using these labels to ensure trust. It shows when the product has been tampered with.
    • It is also popular among pizza places on their pizza boxes.

industry innovations and trends of digital world
  • The addition or expansion of online training & classes has grown:
    • Color-Logic has expanded its online training program.
      • They offer masterclasses & tutorials for Adobe products (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign).
    • Sonoco is now offering its “Intro to Flexo” course online.
    • X-Rite and Pantone are offering a free series of “Color Theory” courses – online for a limited time.

new innovations - paper face materials
  • Paper face materials constructed from up to 30% post-consumer waste (PCW):
    • Introduced by UPM Raflatac
    • More environmentally friendly & sustainable
    • Learn more about “Label to Label”

*We will continue to update on the trends & innovations within the industry on this topic throughout the year. 

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