Should You Reprint a Failed Promotional Label?

Should You Reprint a Failed Promotional Label?

It there any point to considering a label reprint after an unsuccessful run? When is it time to go back to the drawing board to update the label design, and when is it best to throw in the towel? After all, there’s an opportunity in making updates, but it costs money. It must be done with consideration.

Heineken Label by Great Lakes Label - appropriate for reprintWhy Did it Fail?

First, consider why the promotion failed. If the label design was a major factor, then redesign is possible. If the failure occurred due to the product itself, then a redesign is not going to help the situation. To determine the reasoning, conduct surveyed research or A/B testing.


Test to Learn The Success Rate of a Reprint

How does A/B testing help the situation? Determining which design elements sell better makes smarter choices about how to move forward. If the testing is proving that sales aren’t reaching the level you’re looking for at any point in the testing process, the issue could be elsewhere. So, at that point, determining how brand values are expressed in both the product and the packaging design are crucial.


Consider a Redesign

What changes will produce a successful response? Is that even an option? For some, the answer is no. However, if there are simple design changes that will make a big difference, the reprint can make up for the lack of previous success. In fact, failures often act as a positive catalyst for examining how to express brand values overall.

Alternatively adding external value with labeling technology or added panels like the booklet-style label changes everything. When introducing added value that delights customers, it automatically increases product desirability. So, the reprint isn’t producing the same label and hoping for different results. It’s going back to the drawing board, considering customer needs, filling that gap, and then reprinting the promotional label.


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