Add spook to your promotional Halloween label for next year. Or, use these principles to add festive spirit to other holiday label designs. A little effort to enhance a promotional design goes a long way.

Spooky Graphics to Add Spook to Label DesignCreepy Imagery

Of course, when designing a new promotional label to excite customers, use imagery that associates with the event. In this case, a whole Halloween scene creates a truly immersive experience. Or, subtle inclusions of a graphic like an eyeball over the dots of eyes keeps the design process much more simple. This way also makes the branding much more recognizable which is key for smaller brands.


Halloween Juice Label Design

Add Spook With Tactile Labeling Techniques

Have you ever been to a Halloween house of horrors where part of the fun is sticking your hands blindly into bowls of sticky, goopy, and wet substances? Well, consider your label a space to create a similar experience. The above labels are simple samples to show you various techniques in action. The orange juice is a minimalistic standard label, while the green juice uses a zombie pattern that’s lifted with embossing and given a glossy, shiny texture with a tactile coating. This concept engages the senses in a haptic way that makes customers want to reach out and touch it.


Halloween Easter Eggs (So To Speak)

Alternatively, add a subtle element to your standard design that makes customers take a second look. Our example of this is the red juice which features a little splatter of blood. Since it blends in with the juice itself, it will make shoppers take a second look. Plus, if foiling or a tactile coating is used overtop of the graphic, it would create an even more realistic look.


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